My friends call me Kinks, I'm sweet, kinky and smart, evrything you would love to have. (tumblr for RP account, 21+ ) NSFW

Anonymous asked: Hey kinkybelle I have a problem I really want to fuck my sister but I know she thinks incest is wrong and I can't seem to keep her off my mind while I masturbate. Any suggestions?

Why do you wanna, with all the women in the world, fuck your sister, sweetie? You are just excited about the taboo and the fact she said no. My suggestion is, look for a hot girl, who has no blood tie with you to fuck anytimes you want.

Anonymous asked: Hi Kinks, Love your stories on XNXX. Tell me how young will you write about?

i’m sorry honey. Right Kinks, wrong writer…

Anonymous asked: Do you masturbate in front of people

Not people, but my partner when it’s the right moment…


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